Capes and Cloaks

A short double worn cape held by a beautiful brooch and a long double-laid cloak is what’s also new on the shelves.

The cape and cloak are scripted to change it’s textures via menu. Therefore you can choose between 8 different colors of fabric and 4 different styles of metal for the cape’s brooch.



Will the aweful Pirate

Will is an aweful pirate. The fright of the seven seas. All complete with a huge tricorn hat, bandana and sash to bind around the waist. Come on ye ol’ swashbucklers. Harhar!

Will blue
Will sand
Will green
Will red

Rick the adventurous Hero

Rick is the typical medieval boy who loves adventures. Therefore he wears robust leather pants and an apron like leather tunic over a linnen shirt. He rolled up the sleeves to have his forearms free to be ready to fight whatever danger the mighty quest he’s on today might bring.

Rick blue
Rick sand
Rick green
Rick red

Wickie the mighty Viking

Wickie the mighty viking wears a warm woolen tunic over loose linnen pants and soft furry armwarmers. The perfect outfit for a northern medieval boy. But it would also fit other regions of the time just as fine.

Wickie blue
Wickie sand
Wickie green
Wickie red

Lil’ Mette

For the girl from the cold north is this dress made in the historical authentic style of viking girls. A cascade pearl necklace hangs between two turtle brooches in the front and a cute little Ylvi-patch (Vicky the Viking) on the skirt.

Mette blue
Mette yellow
Mette green
Mette red

Cute Gwyn

Gwyn is an everyday outfit. A long apron-tunic worn over long undergarment. The cute teddy-pin is the clue and special eyecatcher and makes Gwyn the bestet outfit eva.

Gwyn blue
Gwyn yellow
Gwyn green
Gwyn red

Little Neve

Neve is for the cold and cozy days of winter. Warm knitted wool and soft cuddly fur against the weather of the season.

Neve blue
Neve yellow
Neve green
Neve red

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